Work Requests

Your work request screen should be simple, and adequate enough for a typical requester to report the issue with the information required for generation into a work order. For Quality Department audits, consider a more detailed request with limit dates, responsible persons, proposed actions and photographs.

Work Requests

Work requests can be directly recorded by the requester or centrally through a Help Desk. Screens can be designed to only show the fields that you require. The work request screen should be designed to provide the maintenance team with the information they require, nothing more nothing less, therefore every field on the work request screen should be mandatory.

  • Authorised generation of work order
  • Visibility of work order progress available to requester
  • Send Email when Work Request is created and/or work order completed
  • Enable Work Request Standard Title from Drop Down
  • Colour coding of requests for easy identification
  • In FlexMaint, work requester logons are FREE

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