Save so much time with the Work Request App

The Work Request App allows you to report issues as you walk and talk. Simply type or speak the issue, assign an asset, maybe take a photo, or two, synchronise and your work request is saved. If it's a critical asset, e-mail's are automatically sent to the relevant personnel. You user log on details are saved and the request is date and time stamped.

Suitable for QA and Production Staff

With a simple interface, you complete your QA request in seconds. You still have access to the desktop to follow up on the progress, and eventually, you get the e-mail to confirm your request, generated to a work order task, has now been completed

• Save time by completing QA non-conformances in seconds
• Know that you haven't missed reporting a problem
• Full documentation available
• You sign off electronically on the generated work order
• Easily demonstrate the problem with multiple pictures

Available on IoS & Android Mobiles and Tablets

FlexMaintRequest app is available on both iOS and Android phones and tablets. Please let us know if you would like this module.

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