Standalone & Mobile only CMMS

Standalone CMMS means an installation on one PC or laptop. No network is necessary. An option exists to have the computer on an internal network and allow mobile devices to connect to the standalone device.

Mobile only means you only operate you mobile, we do the rest. Contact us for more details.

FlexMaintâ„¢ Standalone & Mobile

FlexMaint offers more options besides a network or cloud based CMMS installation. A standalone installation means you have everything on one pc. This could be suitable for an SME with a small team of maintenance engineers who all have their own profile associated with their login details. Again in this design, it is still possible to operate provide a mobile app for engineers over WiFi.

The pure mobile CMMS operates as a bureau service where job details and records are saved on the mobile app, and client invoices are sent to your e-mail address at a specified time.

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