NFC Technology

Near Field Communications (NFC) is a technology that allows an NFC Tag to communicate with a mobile device, either Android or iOS. NFC Tags are passive data stores which can hold data that can be read or in some cases written to. Typical uses for NFC Tags are as ID cards, fixed on assets and on bin locations, where user ID, asset code or part numbers can be easily read.

FlexMaint™ NFC

In FlexMaint™ CMMS, when you create an asset, a part or an engineer, an automatic unique Tag ID is created. These Tag ID's can then be written to NFC ID badges, and simple or industrial type stickers. Simply affix the sticker to the asset and identification of the asset is then available on the FlexMaint™ mobile app. Industrial tags can be IP67 rated and provided with a fixing hole if required. NFC Tags greatly reduce the amount of typing.

  • Use of tags can assist in easily recording breakdowns that are normally not reported
  • Touch the tag by the mobile device and correct data is entered to the work order
  • User ID badges can be worn around the neck
  • Place the tag on the bin location to touch and identify the part added to the work order
  • Use the multiple Technician Calendar to show and compare assigned tasks.

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