Why should you consider Mobile CMMS?

With information quickly available, the overall efficiency of your maintenance team is improved. This leads to better asset performance. And with regular synchronising of the mobile data, feedback on the progress and completion of jobs is much faster.

FlexMaint Mobile Benefits

Follow Up work orders appear immediately on your CMMS as data is real time
Cameras provide a visual representation of the problem or solution before or after
• No need for typing as Voice Recognition ensures fast and comprehensive reporting
• Choice of either simple job time or session timing as engineer switches between jobs
NFC tagging or barcode facility which ensures accuracy especially in stock control
• Engineer has Documents on-hand to follow instructions or look up details
Offline creation and completion of jobs are possible in FlexMaintMobile
• On the spot Checklists completed and recorded for historical retrieval

Available on IoS & Android Mobiles and Tablets

FlexMaintMobile CMMS is available in either your own internal network or a cloud based environment. Having mobile access to attachments, drawings, schematics and SOP’s at your fingertips increases safety and saves time. Your mobile workforce is empowered, and efficiency and productivity are improved.

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