Inventory and Spare Parts

Although a CMMS will assist you in many areas apart from pure Maintenance, such as Staff Motivation, Operations, Production, one area where a quick financial gain and return on investment is, is in inventory. With a properly managed stock, minimum & maximum quantities for every bin location, usage and re-order reports, stock value is quickly reduced.

FlexMaint™ Inventory and Spare Parts

FlexMaint™ offers an easy step by step inventory system. It begins with multiple warehouses and bin locations, holding either unique or multiple parts per bin. With classifications such as criticality, part type and sub type, unit of storage and more, parts are clearly defined. Multiple suppliers with costs and lead times assist in purchasing optimisation, and with photos and associated documents, complete information is provided for identification and application. To assist in better and easy management, barcodes and NFC tags ensure proper data entry.

  • Use NFC Tags to identify parts used on any work order, just add quantity
  • Maintain stock in all areas, even engineer's vans
  • Use the stock adjustment screen to manage a live stock count
  • Use a second currency for stock valuation
  • Manage information on suppliers and their engineers

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