Version Information

This page lists the features, changes, improvements and fixes in successive versions.

FlexMaint Version 7.73

AssetsThe second Asset status field has been added to the asset list and dynamic search.
Work OrdersAllow a default WO Format printout, in company parameters(Admin).
WO Report FieldEnter text into the Update Report field & click the button to add your name, date & time stamp into the report field.
Work OrdersAdded Technician Family as a column in the WO list.
WO TechnicianTechnicians can now be archived so they won't appear in lists to be chosen.
Issue FixedPrevent stock adjusts, moves and archives when a quantity exists in Reserved.
Purchase OrdersPO Type field & Tickboxes for items received added.
ReportsNew WO Format, New PO List, New WO Response Report.
ReportsAdded a colour legend for WO colours to the Preventive Maintenance Schedule Report.

FlexMaint Version 7.71

PartsVarious fixes on parts
ProjectsNew Section linking Work & Purchase Orders to Projects
Work OrdersNew field called Van allowing vehicles to be associated with Work Orders
Issue fixedMissing icon to print active list of work orders
Issue FixedUnable to see assets in Technical Tree

FlexMaint Version 7.70.2

Purchase OrdersInventory parts can now be added to Purchase Orders
ReportsUser and Supplier Filters now available on PO Report
ReportsImproved layout for Format 14 Checklist Work Order print-out
Issue FixedParts and Technician Activities were copied to Follow Up Work Orders
Issue FixedChecklists can now be sorted in order in PM Tasks
Issue FixedAsset drop-down choice in WR's and WO's is now alphabetical
Issue FixedIncorrect stock value when part quantity changed in a WO

FlexMaint Version 7.70

Work OrdersWO printout number 22 now sorts Technician Activities in date and time order
Work OrdersThe Event Type field is now available in the work order Advanced Search.
Work OrdersFixed issue where total cost of work orders not showing on Excel export
Work OrdersAbility to send auto e-mails when the WO report field is updated
PartsReviewed the movement of parts from one location to another
PartsApply parts directly to an asset, e.g. add fuel to a truck.
Purchase OrdersA text field has been added in Admin Parameters to create a prefix for PO numbers
Purchase OrdersPurchase Orders can now be linked to assets
ReportsChanges to Technician Activities Excel Report
ReportsFixed issue where Asset and Production Downtime Reports were not reporting correctly.
ReportsEffect, Cause and Remedy report added.
ReportsStock re-order report now available in Excel.
ReportsIt is now possible to have reports automatically e-mailed.
ReportsChanges made to Technician Activities Excel Report.

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