Which CMMS ?

An easy CMMS is a simple CMMS. Reduce the number of fields to the bare minimum, get it up and running and then begin to increase the capability and functionality in a controlled manner. The process is gradual and a step by step process. Eventually you have an enterprise asset management software with controlled access across multi-national entities.

FlexMaint works the way you want

Lite CMMS....

...would cover Assets, Planned Maintenance and Work Orders.Perhaps you might include some inventory and supplier information. This would possibly keep a track of work orders with a status of To Do, In Progress and Closed. A history of all work would be available by asset, at least listing who, what and when it was done.

Standard CMMS...

...has multiple definitions and classifications for all entities, such as Assets, Work Orders, Planned Maintenance, Inventory and more. These enhance reporting and a KPI Dashboard. Enable Work Requests, which can be a helpdesk, allowing easy conversion to tasks on the schedule calendar. Synchronises with our offline Mobile package.

Enterprise CMMS...

...with complete functionality and covering multilingual and multinational operations. With the addition of an API and the possibility of linking IoT data, FlexMaint can communicate with the outside world.

Mobile Only...

...For the small company, a mobile option with a bureau service. You respond to the your customers, then fill in the labour time, the parts and the reports. We do the rest.

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