Condition Monitoring

Condition Monitoring is a component of Predictive Maintenance whereby a measurement of a parameter such as temperature, pressure or vibration is recorded repetitively. Measurements are usually graphed, but can also initiate a warning alarm such as a work order and or an e-mail .

FlexMaintâ„¢ Condition Monitoring

Apply one or more meters to measure any parameter on any asset. The meters can then accept readings on a regular basis from either manual or automatic sources. By setting multiple alarms for each meter, work orders can be automatically created and e-mailed to responsible persons. Independent separate e-mails are also possible depending on the criticality of the alarm.
  • Create parameter conditions such as temperature, vibration, pressure, humidity, acoustics etc.
  • Create a norm, which represents the optimum measurement for each condition
  • Set up multiple notifications (alarms), either greater or less than the optimum
  • Decide on the notification type, creation of a work order, e-mails or both
  • Produce graphs over adjustable time periods to see the trends
  • Analyse comparisons of associated conditions

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