Maintenance Reports

Reporting can drive the design and data requirements of a CMMS Maintenance System Software. Most CMMS systems have many reports available, however you will probably only use a small quantity for your KPI meetings. So make them work for you, be sure they are what you need.

FlexMaint™ CMMS Reports

Reports are broken down into the major sections such as Assets, Work Orders, Planned Maintenance etc. And some of these reports can be set up to e-mail automatically to a list of users at regular intervals. FlexMaint™ includes reports such as those listed below.

  • Financial such as the 10 Most Expensive Assets
  • Operational such as MTBF and MTTR lists
  • Graphical such as the percentage of work orders that are ToDo, In Progress etc.
  • SLA reports for visiting contractors
  • Check reports such as Assets without a Planned Maintenance

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