CMMS Installation Types

The choice of CMMS Installation basically provides two choices, either network installed inside your own network or cloud based on the provider's servers. Both have advantages and disadvantages compared to the other and it is usually up to the client as to which is preferred. Comparisons would include cost, security, system management and hardware.

FlexMaint™ Networked or Cloud

True to it's flexibility, FlexMaint™ CMMS can be installed in either location, your choice, which usually depends on your own IT policy. A further option is possible however, should you decide to push your own network installation up to the cloud. Our experience shows that the decision is usually made in the order of security, hardware, cost and lastly system management which includes backups. Consider the table below, to see when considering a CMMS, FlexMaint™ offers both choices.

Consider..... Networked Cloud Based
Security Your Firewall Secure https
Hardware Your hardware Our hardware
Backups You backup We backup
Cost Initially Expensive Initially Economical
Support Access Slight delay Instant Access
Mobile Available on WiFi Available on Internet

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