FlexMaint provides functionality across the board for small, medium and large enterprises. Higher functionality can mean longer implementation cycle. The flexibility within FlexMaint facilitates easy implementation at the start of your project. Further functionality can be added as required to match your operational requirements up to an including an international enterprise with global sites.

Planning Calendars

FlexMaintâ„¢ CMMS currently offers two calendars, a Work Order calendar and a Technician calendar. These calendars give a visual representation of work orders on a monthly, weekly or daily basis for analysis and planning. A key benefit is that the number of hours work for each day is shown in either calendar. In the case of the technician monthly calendars, if the number of hours scheduled is greater than the technicians available time, or if the work order is scheduled outside his shift pattern, then the background colour for that day changes to pink to indicate changes need to be made.

  • Click on any work order to edit it.
  • Drag work orders from one day to another to re-schedule.
  • The total number of hours required to complete all work orders in a day is shown on each day.
  • Use the multiple Technician Calendar to show and compare assigned tasks.
  • Use Technician calendars to show holidays or unavailable hours, depicted by a different colour shade on the day.

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