About Xetec and FlexMaint

Xetec the company, and FlexMaint the product.

The story

Xetec is a software technology company offering FlexMaint™, a platform suitable for Preventive Maintenance CMMS (Computerised Maintenance Management Software), CAFM (Computer Aided Facilities Management), and Service Management. Associated training, implementation and support services are provided. There are offices in Birmingham, United Kingdom, and in Bray, Co Wicklow, Ireland, with training facilities available in all locations.

With an in–house team of developers, we are constantly developing and upgrading the software to ensure that our clients are getting the most functional CMMS and CAFM software on the market. We design the software with you in mind for ease of use and functionality. We welcome suggestions from our clients on how to improve the software and where possible will build it into the software design.

Using an infinitely expandable Asset Tree Structure, FlexMaint initially groups asset's on a geographical basis. Asset's can then be grouped according to system or functional requirements. Complete Asset Management is possible with multiple definitions and a historical record of all work orders and associated costs.
    FlexMaint provides
  • full service history of all works completed with times, parts and costs defined according to required groupings
  • asset visibly defined by location, functionality, system or any grouping
  • an easy understanding and view of the amount of work to be done on any asset or group of assets
  • the combination of different Tree Structures and easily exported associated lists, facilitates the retrieval of the required accurate information

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